I'm movin to china

Work for less but live for more.

I'm sick of everything,
sick of rent, electric bills, water bills, 401ks, layoffs, all this shit makes a man nothing. A man can't be a man anymore, It sucks the passion out of everything.

Theres no more honorable ways to die, you got all these fucken diseases, health hazards and weak shit. I want to be shot fighting for something good, I want to be shot by a bad guy, who everyone will hate. I want to be a hero. But theres always some fucked up corporation or some other lame ass reason for wars these days.

So here we are, raised by MTV, no principles, minus the few we pick up just to be cool, no conviction, unless its a celebritys' conviction as well, hell I'd be a vegan if I knew it was the right thing, but most vegans I know are only vegans because its "hip", fuck a cow man, I'd cap a million pandas to feed one kid. But I'll never be the hero, I'll never be shot dead by the bad guy, because I need to pay bills, so I can avoid having bad credit.

thats all

- Jason


I got a ticket the other day for supposedly passing a red light.

I was late to work and theres no one on the road man, let it slide, now i have to pay it or go to defensive driving.


I'm in class at the moment bored out of my mind, I have'nt smoke yet, and everythings gettin on my nerves.

I'm gonna snap

like a dry twig

worst entry ever



we gonna rock this

Saturday went well
it was fun
another night of free drinks and dancin.
next saturday we do it again

we played alot of neo soul and some old school hip hop
i even played a michael jackson song.

fuck it.

sunday did jack shit, hit up my parents, went by zachs, went home did homework and then went to sleep. my life is really boring when i type it out.

yo what the hizzle

I'm not gay or nothin but Benicio del Toro is the fucken shit!

fuck you tony, i dont give a fuck what you say!
i didnt say anything when you made out with that homeless chick and her boyfriend.
how much do you owe them by the way.

had dinner at some friends, smoked some newports
revealed some jacked up secrets.

watchin the family guy
some good stuff

goin to school tomorrow,
start at home depot on friday

I'm steeling the quote of the day:
question: have you ever worn make up?
answer: well if I'm rollin around in bed with a female and her make up rubs off on me, then yeah i guess I have.

you know the vegan lesbian/mogwai quote?
that was my shit!
i want my name posted after that shit!

motherfuckin plageurizing sons of bitches




Bad spelling equals Good loving.
I swear

I'm sittin in class right now sittin next to some fly ass chick, hopin she looks over and sees me typin that she's a fly ass chick, and then she'll be all over this.


you little bitches
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another lonely day


Saturday sucked ass,even though I got toasted for free and made out with some chick. Sunday was boring, but sundays usually are.
Today was my first day of school, Its so fuckin far.
It seems like it'll be alright.
Got a job, start this week,
I need money, soon man.

I gotta go